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Improve Support Efficiency with Innovative Tools

Manage all conversations and users in a shared area, and forget everything else. From here on out, it's just you and the customer – happily connected by Support Board. Ready to get started?

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All the tools in one place and at the best price on the market

All integrations, apps and features are available on the free plan.


Manage Conversations

SEasily manage your conversations in one place with our user-friendly interface. Search for conversations, delete messages, view users’ online status and see when they are typing in real time.

  • Delete messages
  • Download conversations
  • Search for conversations
  • Online and typing status
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Knowledge Base Articles

Provide faster help for customers and fewer questions for your agents with the integrated multilingual knowledge base. Create a help center area accessible from a dedicated page or within the chat in a few minutes.

  • Dedicated articles page, demo here
  • Search articles widget

  • Categories
  • Multilingual


Message Editor

Create the perfect message by using 3000+ emojis and use markdown syntax to format the text. Surprise your users with voice messages, and attach media and files in just one click.

  • Text formatting and markups
  • 3000+ emojis
  • Attachments
  • Voice messages


Saved Replies

Save precious time and avoid the headache of having to repeat the same tasks. With saved replies, you won't have to type the same messages over and over. You can also save Rich Messages and custom content.

  • Insert by keyboard shortcut
  • Save and reuse messages
  • Save custom content
  • Save Rich Messages



Organize conversations and assign departments to agents. Transfer rules so that your conversations will always land in the right hands. Route conversations and send department – specific email notifications.

  • Department email notifications
  • Update conversations department
  • Restrict access to conversations



Don't lose visitors. Actively engage them instead with a complete set of notifications.

SMS Notifications

Alert users and agents via text message each time a new message comes in.

Flash Notifications

Update the browser tab title each time a new message is received.


Play a sound on receipt of every new message.


Alert users and agents via email each time a new message comes in.

Push Notifications

Alert users and agents via Push Notifications for each new message.

Desktop Notifications

Alert users and agents via desktop notifications for each new message.

Red Counter

Display a red circle with the current number of unread messages.

Agents and admins

All notification types are available also in the admin area.

More are coming

More notification types are coming in future versions. Stay tuned!



Real-time Queue

Notifies visitors of their position in the queue and waiting time in real-time. Automatically distribute the conversations among all available agents and set concurrent chats limit.

  • Waiting time and queue position
  • Set max concurrent chats limit
  • Updates in real-time


Routing and Agent Assignment

Assign conversations to available agents in a proportional manner or let your users select their preferred agent. Maximize efficiency and satisfaction with our advanced routing solutions.

  • Auto-route chats to agents fairly
  • Let your users select their preferred agent
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Email Piping

Use piping to reply to user messages from your email inbox and convert emails to tickets. Users can reply to agents by email as well! Setting this feature up does not require any server-side configuration.

  • Reply to users via email
  • Users may reply by email
  • No server-side configuration


Omni-Channel Experience

Send and reply to WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, Telegram messages, text messages, emails, tickets, and chat messages in Support Board. Save time with communication that happens in one place.

  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Text Messages
  • Emails

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Translations in Real-Time 

Effortlessly communicate with customers in their preferred language. Our system automatically translates messages between the user and agent or chatbot, ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

  • wo-way translations
  • Translations in real-time
  • Multilingual chatbot
  • Powered by Google Translate


Smart Reply

Smart Reply saves agents time by suggesting quick responses to agent messages in real-time using artificial intelligence. Get suggested answers in the user's language from both OpenAI and Dialogflow.

  • OpenAI and Dialogflow suggestions
  • Multilingual suggestions


Message Rewriting

Rewrite and improve your messages instantly with our one-click rewriting feature powered by OpenAI! Effortlessly send friendly and professional messages with ease!

  • Revitalize your messages with a friendly and professional touch
  • Powered by OpenAI


Spelling Correction

Automatically fix any spelling mistakes in agent messages in real time, effortlessly, in any language. Say goodbye to spelling mistakes, forever! This feature is powered by OpenAI.

  • Fix any spelling mistakes
  • Multilingual spelling correction


Multi-User Direct Messaging

Send direct chat messages, emails, and text messages to users in real-time. Use custom merge fields to personalize every message and automatically send notifications.

  • Support for emails, SMS and text messages
  • Send messages to several users

Discover More

Share messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and official digital media. Take advantage of it with Bechat Cloud's fastest growing enterprise WhatsApp providers.

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Get an overview of how chat and your agents are performing

  • Daily conversations
  • Missed conversations
  • Average conversations time
  • Registrations count
  • Subscribe and follow-up reports
  • Daily visitors
  • Daily leads
  • Daily users
  • Articles searches and views
  • Browsers and operating systems
  • Agents ratings
  • Agents response time
  • Average agent conversations time
  • Countries and languages
  • More available and more are coming!


Agent Ratings

Gather feedback on your customers' live chat experiences and use lessons learned to improve customer service. Check your agents' ratings and send post-chat messages.

  • Chat rating
  • Ratings report
  • Post-chat messages and surveys
  • Works with tickets




Offer your customers immediate help from a single interface by embedding customer ticket areas throughout your website. This feature requires the Tickets app.

bechat-cloud-offline mesages


Offline Message

Send a message or display a banner to the user when it is not office hours or when all agents are offline. Personalize the message to show it only when you want it and the way you want it.

  • Multiple message types and designs
  • Display timetable
  • Disable agents check


Support Board provides an extensive set of tools for small and large businesses


Download conversation transcripts as text files and send them to users.


Automatically distribute the conversations among all agents.

Internal Notes

Add internal notes to conversations and chat with other agents.


Effortlessly organize and categorize conversations with the use of tags.

Agents Collision Detection

Prevent multiple agents from working on the same conversation.

Automatic Updates

One click update, and automatic updates for the plugin and apps

Multilingual Platform

The panel is translated in 41 languages. You can even add your own.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Increase productivity and save time with the keyboard shortcuts.

Attachments, Media and Lightbox

Send multiple attachments and media. Open and view images in a lightbox.


What our amazing customers are saying?

See why more than 700 companies have already joined Bechat to make the customer relationship more human.



“Beyond being a chat, it is an engine that allows us to provide really good assistance and service to our clients”

John Carter

- VP of Marketing at Webflow


“Bechat is amazing and the first thing that attracted me, as a techie, was the size of the chat box.”

John Carter

- VP of Marketing at Webflow


"Since we started using Bechat Cloud, I have seen how the software has evolved and become meta-certified."

John Carter

- VP of Marketing at Webflow


“It gives me peace of mind to know that, even if I'm not there, anyone on my team can respond.”

John Carter

- VP of Marketing at Webflow


“What caught my attention the most was the quality of the help articles. We have everything to be totally autonomous.”

John Carter

- VP of Marketing at Webflow


"A highly reliable system that has been approved by our data and security team, they have great customer support."

John Carter

- VP of Marketing at Webflow

Integrations:  Native integrations that allow you to connect your favorite cloud apps with Bechat Cloud.