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To use the chatbot you need the Dialogflow app

Chatbots and AI Features By OpenAI and Google

Speed customer resolutions and automate conversations by engaging two of the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence in the world. This can be done easily in just a few minutes.

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Easy to Use.


Chatbots, message rewriting, spelling correction, smart replies, multilingual features, prompt editing, and much more.



Use Dialogflow to create chatbots for answering specific questions accurately, or for advanced Bechat Cloud tasks.


Smart Reply

Smart Reply saves agents time by suggesting quick responses to agent messages in real-time.


Message Rewriting

Rewrite and improve your messages instantly with our one-click rewriting feature powered by OpenAI.

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Spelling Correction

Automatically fix any spelling mistakes in agent messages in real time, effortlessly, in any language.

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Translations in Real-Time

Translate messages between the user and agent or chatbot, ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

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Switch your chatbot's language to match the user's language, creating a multilingual experience.

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Language Detection

Instantly detect the user's language on the fly by analyzing the user's messages. Say goodbye to language barriers.

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