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To use the chatbot you need the Dialogflow app

SChat & Tickets for WHMCS

Allow your customers to connect with your WHMCS staff in real-time with a professional chat and save time with a smart bot that provides automated answers to the client's questions.


Smart Bot

Save time and money by letting the bot do the hard work for you and answering repetitive questions automatically.

Knowledge Base Synchronization

Manually import the WHMCS Knowledge Base articles into the Bechat Cloud Articles area with one click.

Login Form

WHMCS users can log in directly from within the chat or tickets area with their WHMCS email and password.

Link to WHMCS Client

The Bechat Cloud admin area provides a link to the WHMCS admin client page for the active conversation.

Admin Chat Link

Option to display a menu item linked to the Bechat Cloud admin area in the WHMCS admin menu.

WHMCS Add-on

This chat and tickets add-on comes with a WHMCS add-on/module that allows an easy and fast installation.



Clients real-time synchronization

Bechat Cloud will automatically display the chat in the clients' area, it will also identify the currently logged-in WHMCS user and register it in Bechat Cloud automatically. You can also manually import users

  • WHMCS user details sync
  • Logged-in user detection
  • Login form within the chat
  • Manually import users


Professional Tickets Area

Add a tickets system powered by the Tickets App in the client's area and lets your clients contact you both via chat and tickets. The tickets area is restricted to registered users only.

  • Professional tickets area
  • Automatically integrated into the clients' area
  • Departments, chatbot, and more


Clients Services Details

View your customer details like the active services, and lifetime value, directly in the conversations admin area in real-time. No more time wasted searching for information.

  • View customer lifetime total spend
  • View customer active services

Choose when to show it

Show the chat only to registerd and logged-in users, and hide it to visitors. Tickets area automatically restricted.

Automatic departments

Assign departments to new conversations automatically based on user type: visitor or logged-in user.

More coming soon

We update our apps and add-ons constantly with new amazing features. Stay tuned!

Demos and screenshots

Take a look at the screenshots. Chat, admin, and tickets are always the same! You can Sign up free Now, and the clients chat on this page on bottom right.

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